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st john – the beach to beach power swim

[/begin out of place rhyme] sunday morning, we were already late. we tried hard, to make this date. [/end out of place rhyme] the beach to beach power swim, at st john, in maho, cinnamon, and hawksnest bay. then to mojo cafe, to see some iguanas.

st john – wagapalooza

Wagapalooza is an annual event held on St John, in Cruz Bay, to benefit the Animal Care Center of St. John.  This event attracts both dog lovers and owners and invites our canine companions to compete against one another for various prestigious titles. The categories this year were: Best Trick Best Lap Dog Best Dancer […]

boston – shopping and becca’s new apartment

em and i made a last minute decision to head to st johns for a scouting trip (it’s hit the top of our list as possible new move locations).  because we packed for boston weather, and not tropical, we had to go shopping for additional wardrobe pieces.  after spending an hour and some change in […]