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Mikey P gets another night!

So we’re walking around town, posting fliers for Mikey P’s Castaways night, when we bump into Micah, the manager at Cactus on the Blue.  Micah loved the fliers we made, and asked us what he could do to get his own Mikey P flier.  The answer of course was simple: give Mikey P a reoccurring […]

becca’s last night

Becca’s last day on the island- what more can I say? Becca’s pre-emptive celebration for having landed one of the coolest jobs available right now- what more can I say? Becca’s last time listening to Mikey P playing music at Castaways and then dancing the night away- what more can I say? Becca’s last time […]

Cactus Christmas Party at La Plancha

This year, the group from Cactus on the Blue had a lovely Christmas celebration at La Plancha (@Mongoose Junction, St John).  We had lots of apps and sangria and took a few pictures to remember the occasion.  Fun times were had by all!

Mikey P on open mic

We stopped by Porter Belly’s (my favorite local Irish pub in Brighton center) for open mic night on our most recent trip to Boston this July.  I snapped this one of Mikey P right after his set, looking – as always – exhausted from giving it everything he’s got.  Great show, and again Mikey – […]