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welcome to our new apartment

it’s very white and light.  Ask me about the furniture – nearly all of it was discovered for FREE at the local swap shop, and painted or refinished to look freakin awesome.  *Special thanks to mom, dad, Aunt Sandy, Becca, Alex & Lars, for all of their help finding and fixing up furniture for us.  […]

made in st john

Here I am, my first retail job experience.  It was a confusing start, but I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it.  I thought about writing a brief description of Made in St John, and the parent company/store Big Planet, but I decided that it would be better if I just included […]

life without cable

Emily and I have been without internet (and cable, but that’s nothing new) for the past few weeks.  So what  better way to pass the time than to play around with photoshop and all its fantastic filters? On a side note: Grammatically speaking, when using the expression I did above, is the question mark appropriate?

introducing daniel joel pinto

Artist, linguist, scientist, friend.  Daniel is the quintessential diamond in the rough.  He’s pictured here with a young male donkey that he has watched over since its birth-ironically, the donkey is also the animal he associates the most with (and used as a logo for his old design business).  ”Love City” is St John’s nickname. This […]

The Lost Coral Bay Post

I’ll put this post where it goes, (even though I’m posting it in February) because I want things to go order of when they were taken.  These were just some late afternoon snapshots that Laurence and I took around the house, and they were sort of forgotten about for a while.  Today, I had some […]