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Ultimate frisbee with the Catch and Keep team

I was asked to head out to Coral Bay to cover one of the Catch & Keep Frisbee games. It made me wish I had Tuesday evenings free. I haven’t played since college.  One day I’ll come back to it. You can buy shirts that support the team here: http://www.madeinstjohn.com

hangin’ with mr.Funk

One day, while Laurence was at work, Mr.Funk and I had a little adventure.  First we went to my house and made a delicious lunch from things found in my fridge and back yard, then we drove to Coral Bay to meet up with Boozie and the Rain Man in their natural habitat.  We had […]

introducing daniel joel pinto

Artist, linguist, scientist, friend.  Daniel is the quintessential diamond in the rough.  He’s pictured here with a young male donkey that he has watched over since its birth-ironically, the donkey is also the animal he associates the most with (and used as a logo for his old design business).  ”Love City” is St John’s nickname. This […]

welcome to st john

St John has literally been covered by a rain cloud for the past few days, which makes photographic explorations of the island nearly impossible (unless you have an underwater housing- which I don’t… yet!).   So my Saturday afternoon and evening was spent compositing a number of photos that we’ve taken while being on the […]

The Lost Coral Bay Post

I’ll put this post where it goes, (even though I’m posting it in February) because I want things to go order of when they were taken.  These were just some late afternoon snapshots that Laurence and I took around the house, and they were sort of forgotten about for a while.  Today, I had some […]