the beach bar – rockfish

rockfish - amp perspective

after the wagapalooza event, we walked down to the beach bar to say ‘hi’ to vic and to inquire about a car. still no luck, however vic did offer to let us use his for a few days!

we were approached by John , the front man for Rockfish (the band playing that night), asking us if we wouldn’t mind shooting his band.  up until this point we were deliberating whether or not to call it an early night, but his request swayed us to stay. the Rockfish band hails from coral bay, which is on the eastern side of st john.

we were tired and weren’t fully on our game, but we managed to get some pretty decent ones nonetheless.

olly faired less well, it seems our little impish pooch has an aversion to rastafarians and managed to get himself into a slight altercation.

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