December 7th, 2010.

Having a car makes running errand exponentially easier. It’s amazing how much more you can accomplish in a day.  While Emily was dropping off her fecal sample for her health “cerfiticate” (yes, all the health cards have the word certificate spelled that way), I wandered for a minute taking photos. Afterwards we went back to to the house, where Em made a kick-ass chicken, avocado, and bacon sandwich.   While Em was getting ready for work, I wandered over to Dan and Jasmines.  Dan was in the process of shaving off all of his hair.  He was having some trouble with the razor, so Jasmine lent him a hand.  On my way out their door, Blaze (their dog), said goodbye.

We got into town with some time to spare (before Em had to be at work), so we hit up The Tap Room for some internet.  Turns out they were being interviewed by the Tradewinds newspaper for an article.  One of the owners/managers (we think), asked Em to be a stand-in for the photo.  They thought the photo would look better if a pretty girl/woman was pouring the drink.

The end.

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