st. john – the minimal regatta

blue fin home builders win!

our first saturday on st. john was spent soaking in the rays and the heinekens at the annual minimal regatta hosted by the beach bar located in cruz bay.

the rules to this event are as follows:

- One 4×8’ ¼ inch sheet of plywood.
- Two 2×4×8” boards
- One 2’ wide, 60’ long roll of duct tape
- One pound of fasteners (nails, screws, staples.)
- No adhesives. No caulking.
- Painting is optional; only latex or enamel paint is allowed. No resin-based or polyurethane paints.
-No paddling devices allowed, other than those made with the above materials.
- All craft inspected for compliance on day of race.

the winning boat was slapped together by blue fin home builders. based on what they could do with such a limited material list, i’d trust these guys building my house.

after the award ceremony, we hung around a bit afterwards and watched a game of giant jenga.

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